Friday, December 14, 2012

Yellow Squad Weekly Project Report: December 14

We are working on the Juju GUI.

This week

  • Very good interaction with design team
  • Improved team velocity after deceleration last week
  • Real users are starting to trickle in
We have had some very positive interactions with the design team. We have dug up some good data, requirements, and decisions together, and we've increased our dialog. They have been very responsive to what we need in the short term, and are thinking creatively and practically about the long term future directions.

Our velocity has picked back up somewhat. We feel it, and an analysis of kanban board data shows it. In November, we had an average cycle time--the time from when we start a card to the time we get it landed in the trunk, including reviews and review responses--of about three days. Last week, we popped up to five, and then six days. This week, we started decreasing again, down to a five-day cycle time. Five days is still far from ideal, and arguably affected in part by some quick-fix branches that we got through the board, but we also see signs of improvement individually. Hopefully this represents a continuing trend to get us back down to a three-day cycle time.

The week ended nicely with a couple of GUI charm users getting support on IRC.

Next week


  • frankban is out Monday.
  • bac is out Wednesday.
  • alejandra and goodspud are out Friday.


Project Story: Deployment
  • 1088618: Charm should only serve releases (this will give the charm better stability and deployment speed)
  • 1083920: Charm should serve the GUI assets over HTTPS
  • 1074413: GUI charm should require HTTPS connections to the environment
  • 1074423: Enable password protection
Secondary Story: Environment View Refactoring

Ben and Matt pair, with at least one additional developer.
  • 1077051: Pan/zoom topology module, with new-style event connections
  • 1090479: Viewport topology module, with new-style event connections (1077050)
  • 1077047: Relations topology module, with new-style event connections (1083923)
  • 1083935: tests for legacy pan/zoom code
  • 1083933 OR 1083924: tests for legacy viewport code or legacy relations code.

Upcoming Goals

Complete deployment story, shared service positioning, and simple read-only mode by mid-January.

Optional Landscape integration, better charm store integration, and Juju Go integration coming later.

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