Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yellow Squad Weekly Topics: December 14

  • Makyo: the GUI can break the charm
  • bcsaller: Write user stories as functional tests: improv plus Selenium
  • bcsaller: card velocity improving
  • gary_poster: run the tests before landing, or, we are not as good as an automatic tester
  • gary_poster: teknico is "documentation daddy"
  • bcsaller and Makyo: proliferation of ENV=1 make [target] rules
  • goodspud: what do we do with the juju-gui charm in the gui?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yellow Squad Weekly Project Report: December 14

We are working on the Juju GUI.

This week

  • Very good interaction with design team
  • Improved team velocity after deceleration last week
  • Real users are starting to trickle in
We have had some very positive interactions with the design team. We have dug up some good data, requirements, and decisions together, and we've increased our dialog. They have been very responsive to what we need in the short term, and are thinking creatively and practically about the long term future directions.

Our velocity has picked back up somewhat. We feel it, and an analysis of kanban board data shows it. In November, we had an average cycle time--the time from when we start a card to the time we get it landed in the trunk, including reviews and review responses--of about three days. Last week, we popped up to five, and then six days. This week, we started decreasing again, down to a five-day cycle time. Five days is still far from ideal, and arguably affected in part by some quick-fix branches that we got through the board, but we also see signs of improvement individually. Hopefully this represents a continuing trend to get us back down to a three-day cycle time.

The week ended nicely with a couple of GUI charm users getting support on IRC.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New project: Juju GUI

Welcome back! We've been away working in secret for awhile. Our work is open now, so our retrospective notes are too.

Our current project is a web-based GUI for Juju. Juju lets you deploy connected services to the cloud in a convenient, vendor-neutral, and powerful way. The GUI lets you visualize and manage your work (see also another blog; a demo of our trunk, which is reset every 15 minutes; and the project itself). We've been working together with the Cloud Ecosystem Development team at Canonical on the project, with Kapil Thangavelu as the technical architect.

At the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit, we got feedback, had user tests, sprinted, and made plans. Right now, we are working to make it easy for anyone using Juju to deploy the GUI. We also have a refactoring of the environment view in progress.

We've had a lot of project meetings before the release. I published those notes internally. Since we open-sourced, I've been swamped. We've had a number of meetings, and I have a pretty big backlog of decisions to record.

Therefore, to get back in the swing of things, the rest of this post will be a record of decisions and hints from the the past few meetings. That will catch us up, and we can proceed from there at the next meeting with notes more like what I've given in the past--both project status notes and decisions and hints, with the decisions hopefully better grouped so you can find what interests you more easily.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yellow Squad Weekly Topics: August 17

  • bac/gary_poster: re-reconsidering required pre-implementation calls
  • gary_poster: postpone reviewing the collaboration feedback experiment?

Yellow Squad Weekly Project Report: August 17


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yellow Squad Weekly Topics: August 10

  • gary_poster: reconciling staff unavailability with kanban work-in-progress (WIP) limits
  • gary_poster: OO versus functions, inversion of control, and how much agreement is important
  • gary_poster: More incremental success with our integration tests

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yellow Squad Weekly Project Report: August 10

  • A vacation kept one weekly report from being written, and another weekly meeting from happening. Welcome back!
  • We're still hiring for openings in a very cool Python & cloud position, so please apply soon if you are interested! We are progressing pretty far along the process, though we have many more interviews to make. Interviews consumed gary_poster completely, and affected all of us to one degree or another.
  • Interviews have kept gary_poster from running parallel tests, but we expect that our three old bug friends are still waiting for us.
  • benji landed some diagnostic information that might help us figure out 974617/1011847.
  • bac and frankban provided IS with detailed, tested instructions for our proposed approach for IS to deploy the LXC test setup.
  • IS has approved our proposed approach to deploying the LXC Launchpad test set up. We think. We are waiting on this to be deployed.
  • The lpsetup developer story was planned (largely thanks to frankban) and implemented.
  • bac configured the integration tests for lpsetup to run with the unit tests prior to every commit to the main branch. We are using Juju to drive lxc-within-lxc on a Canonistack Tarmac instance. We think this is extremely cool for many reasons--not least of which are the presence of the working, gatekeeper integration tests.
  • We've been given a hard date to switch to our next project: September 3. Hopefully the buildbot slaves will be deployed and debugged sufficiently by then. It's a shame we didn't get to the parallel-ec2test-via-juju plan we proposed for another stretch goal, but maybe someone else will get it approved and started.