Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speaking at OSCON 2009: Launchpad Foundations

My speaking proposal for OSCON 2009 was accepted: "Launchpad Foundations: Learning to Leverage a Component Architecture". Here's the quick blurb:

Study gains and losses in how Launchpad, a collaboration web service for the open-source community, used a Python component library from Zope 3 to help manage a large project. Discuss when the approach might be appropriate. Code examples include automatic REST web service generation. Demonstrate how the component architecture might be leveraged in popular frameworks such as Django.

Go to the details page for the full blurb. It should be interesting and fun to prepare. I'm interested in seeing if I can fit in references to some of the work that the pypefitters guys have been doing as well. WSGI plus zope.component seem like a pretty good pluggable base combination for web applications to me.

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