Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yellow Squad Weekly Project Report: August 10

  • A vacation kept one weekly report from being written, and another weekly meeting from happening. Welcome back!
  • We're still hiring for openings in a very cool Python & cloud position, so please apply soon if you are interested! We are progressing pretty far along the process, though we have many more interviews to make. Interviews consumed gary_poster completely, and affected all of us to one degree or another.
  • Interviews have kept gary_poster from running parallel tests, but we expect that our three old bug friends are still waiting for us.
  • benji landed some diagnostic information that might help us figure out 974617/1011847.
  • bac and frankban provided IS with detailed, tested instructions for our proposed approach for IS to deploy the LXC test setup.
  • IS has approved our proposed approach to deploying the LXC Launchpad test set up. We think. We are waiting on this to be deployed.
  • The lpsetup developer story was planned (largely thanks to frankban) and implemented.
  • bac configured the integration tests for lpsetup to run with the unit tests prior to every commit to the main branch. We are using Juju to drive lxc-within-lxc on a Canonistack Tarmac instance. We think this is extremely cool for many reasons--not least of which are the presence of the working, gatekeeper integration tests.
  • We've been given a hard date to switch to our next project: September 3. Hopefully the buildbot slaves will be deployed and debugged sufficiently by then. It's a shame we didn't get to the parallel-ec2test-via-juju plan we proposed for another stretch goal, but maybe someone else will get it approved and started.
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Weekly Goal Progress

We accomplished all of our goals! Mostly, other than the rolling goal of running tests. Of course, it's been three weeks since my last report, so that's not as fantastic as it sounds.

  • Continue running parallel tests on the EC2 32 core machine and aggregating results.
    NOT DONE. gary_poster has not done this because of interviews. He really needs to get back to this to catch regressions.
  • Add diagnostics for trying to solve 974617/1011847.
  • Successfully incorporate the release into our automatic test structure.
    DONE. The goal changed a bit--we don't test the release but the branch--but we're doing what we wanted.
  • Agree on an initial plan for a "developer friendly" lpsetup story.
    DONE and more. The plan was made, agreed upon, and completed (though we have a few more cleanups we want to do; see our new goals below).
  • Give IS complete, tested instructions on how to set up a test machine in the data center.
  • Get confirmation from IS about the approach to configuring the two new machines.
    DONE. We think. We won't really believe it until it's done.

Action Items

  • ACTION due August 17: squad will evaluate the personal feedback loop experiment.
    NOT DUE. Experiment started. This week and the following two to four weeks will be unusual for the squad because of hiring and other unavailability, but we will continue to practice doing this. We may extend the experiment.
  • ACTION: gary_poster will add checklists for starting a kanban card and creating a kanban card.
    Carried over and still NOT DONE three weeks later.

Goals for Next Week

frankban is out Tuesday-Friday. gary_poster is completely consumed with interview process. benji is mostly consumed with interview process. Only bac is left to hold the fort.
  • Continue running parallel tests on the EC2 32 core machine and aggregating results.
  • Attempt fix for bug 1030148.
  • Remove finish-init-host command from lpsetup by copying launchpad-database-setup to lpsetup and running it in init-host; moving make schema to the update command; and making install-lxc run make install itself.
  • Change the lpsetup init-host command to be named init-target.
  • STRETCH GOAL: Fix up help presentation and make lp-setup help describe necessary command steps for various scenarios.
  • STRETCH GOAL: Add logs of what lpsetup did.
  • STRETCH GOAL: Start lpsetup user testing.

Thanks for reading the project report!  See the links at top of the post for reports on other parts of our Friday meeting.


Nicola Larosa said...

Thanks for these posts, Gary; I'm learning a lot by going through them.

Unknown said...

I'm glad, Nicola. :-)